Melinda Rees

Melinda Rees has a thirst for travelling. By the time she reached 18, she had lived in 7 countries, on 5 continents.

The longest period of time was spent in East Africa with her family. Seven years based in Nairobi, Kenya, was more than enough time to fall in love with this diverse country with its expansive savannas and long white beaches. Vacations were generally spent visiting even more countries and cultures, adding to her ever expanding personal experience of travel, from luxury destinations to off the beaten track adventures. In 1993, the gypsy finally returned to immerse herself in Kenya. As she says in her own words "the incredibly hospitable, friendly people, stunning landscape and fantastic wildlife is compelling. I have never felt 'at home' in the same way anywhere else in the world.

Melinda focuses on the “eco” in her safaris as the name Eco-Resorts suggests. It is an important part of your journey in East Africa for you to leave a light footprint, while getting involved with the people and their cultures. Conservation of animal and marine species is key to our safaris, and Melinda works with local communities in the bush and on the beach who practice responsible tourism. Her work includes supporting recycling, education and research initiatives which she can interweave into your experience.

Whatever your dream adventure, Melinda will craft it to suit your needs, whether simple, or ambitious, you will be bewitched by your travels, whether your country of choice is Kenya, Uganda, or Tanzania. Just let her know what you would like and she will do her best to make it happen”

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