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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. However, all of our safaris can be tailored around your chosen travel dates if you prefer another date. Due to the long rains, availability is limited during May and June each year, with many smaller lodges and camps closing for this period.
Children are welcome on most East African safari tours; however, we would not recommend bringing children under 5 years old. We are happy to recommend child-friendly properties and safaris if you are traveling with children.

Yellow Fever, hepatitis and tetanus vaccinations are recommended but not required for traveling to East Africa; however, we strongly recommend tetanus and hepatitis vaccinations. Please bring your vaccination cards with you.

You should take precautions against malaria. There are a number of Prophylaxis available. Some have mild side effects; you should check with your doctor for advice. We recommend starting your course of tablets early, in order to determine if you have any side effects before you travel.

Whilst in East Africa, only drink bottled water. We recommend that you drink at least 4 liters of non-alcoholic fluid each day to prevent dehydration. The most common cause of stomach upsets and diarrhea is dehydration; increasing your fluid intake should prevent this illness.

All countries have their own 'bugs' to which residents develop immunity. The African gastro-enteritis 'bugs' are the next most common cause of 'traveler's tummy.' Generally, antibiotics will cure this illness within 24 hours. This mild form of stomach upset is most commonly caught from hand to mouth contact with people. If you have shaken hands (harmless) with children or people in the bush, please wash your hands afterwards before you accidentally brush your mouth and transfer the germs.

Hotels, camps and lodges use clean water for their food preparation. East Africans take great pride in their fresh, good quality food; you will not go hungry! If you are not sure about the preparation of any type of food, simply ask. You will not offend!

Perfume, cologne and scented body lotions can attract mosquitoes and other flying insects. We recommend that you do not wear perfumes or colognes during your safari.

Nairobi, Kenya has excellent, European standard hospitals. Should evacuation be necessary, excellent medical care is a short flight away.