About the firm

Ecotourism is an insightful, mindful and participatory travel experience to natural and cultural environments, assisting the well-being of the local cultures and environments for future generations. At the same time ecotourism produces viable economic opportunities for the host areas.

Eco-Resorts supports the earth-one journey at a time. Regionally, we promote small, unique East African camps and lodges, which are involved in assisting their local communities and protecting their local environments. Locally, our Kenyan offices are completely self-sufficient. We generate our own power using a wind turbine and solar panels; we also collect rainwater. Booking with Eco-resorts protects East Africa's environment and local cultures from extinction. Be an eco-tourist and make a difference!

How to choose an Eco-Tour? According to The International Ecotourism Society, when choosing an eco-tour, ensure that your travel company:

1. Builds environmental and cultural awareness through education, activities and pre-departure information.
2. Minimizes impact on the environment and local cultures.
3. Provides direct financial benefits for conservation and the local culture.
4. Supports local businesses and service providers.
5. Offers site-sensitive accommodation.
6. Respects local culture.

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