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Guest Comments

Tear Melinda

WOW! I don't know what else I can say - it was indescribable! - just the most amazing, incredible, spectacular, wonderful holiday-of-a-lifetime EVER!!!!!

I genuinely cannot thank you enough for putting together our two week photo safari - we have come home with such wonderful memories, over 4000 photos and a desperate yearning to be back there and not back here - I just cannot tell you! Bill Gozansky was brilliant - he gave freely of his time, knowledge, experience and expertise as a professional wildlife photographer, even lending his own equipment when that would help. - a genuinely nice guy who did everything he possibly could to help and encourage my husband and son to get just the right shot every time. We thoroughly enjoyed Bill's company and learned a great deal - my husband has already commented that he can see his technique improving day by day as he looks through his wealth of photos. My son has made a giant leap forward in his own ambition to be a wildlife photographer himself.

And Isaac - our driver/guide - well! I can see from the testimonials on your website that he has made quite an impression on others too - and I can confirm that every word of it is true. It is difficult to imagine that there could be a more knowledgeable, skilled, committed or enthusiastic driver/guide in the business. Is Isaac the best driver/guide in Kenya? If not, he must be a very strong contender for the title! It would be impossible in a reasonable space to list all the animals and birds we saw at close quarters, including some rarities such as a pack of African wild dogs and a Patas monkey. Isaac shared every moment of our excitement on seeing all these creatures, great and small (like the rhino beetle we studied at the dinner table one evening!) and knew so much about each one of them that there was never a question that went unanswered. The only disappointment is the conviction that no future holiday will ever come close to being as good as the one we've just had.

With all good wishes and everlasting gratitude
A. H., UK, September 2009

Thank you for organising such a superb visit. We had the most amazing adventures, took the most amazing photographs, met the most amazing people, had the most wonderful holiday. We can't thank you enough. People spoke very highly of you throughout the trip - of your professionalism, but also your deep personal care for communities and the environment. Those matched our own values perfectly, and I thought it wonderful that we were fortunate enough to have made contact with you on the internet all those weeks ago.

1. We loved Malu Farm - we were the only ones there for almost the whole time, and we loved the solitude and space for reflection there. Great food, lovely dog who adopted us, great walks.

2. Loved the Mara. Chris was a superb guide - generous with hs time and spirit. His affection for the wildlife was highly contagious (not that we needed any convincing). JK Mara Camp was good (loved the lions and hyena around the tents at night)!

3. Maji Moto was a totally amazing experience. We were a bit shell shocked when we got there. Salatan wasn't there immediately, and none of the warriors spoke any English. We didn't know what we'd got ourselves into! However, after a couple of hours with Salatan (what an amazing man of vision and commitment) we started to relax into the experience, which was so rich and rewarding. Daniel consistently cooked us excellent African food, the tents were very comfortable, and the men looked after our safety at nights while wild animals strolled past curiously as well as during our daily walks.

The highlight of course was the work Helen and Salatan have been doing for their communities. We spent time at the Widow's village (bought them a cow) and at the school (sponsored one of the girls seeking refuge there) and listened to the most incredible life stories. I think our lives have been changed in ways we hadn't expected for that exposure.

Salatan was repeatedly saying he respected our 'strength' in coming to stay for so long (and that he hadn't had exclusively women staying before). I think this was a challenge for him, although he handled it with aplomb.

Macushla was comfortable and a quiet oasis after Maji Moto.

We'd like to come back.

Again, thank you for organising so very well our incredible African adventure. I'll certainly be recommending you to anyone considering a holiday to Africa. You're brilliant!
Cheers and many thanks, Melinda

A. B., UK, January 2009

Hi Melinda,
We are back home in Belgium after a one-day delay courtesy of Brussels Airlines. We didn't complain though - another day in sunny Kenya! They put us up at the Safari Resort - it was fantastic.

Melinda - I cannot tell you how amazing our trip was. Everything went so smoothly, and we felt we experienced so much more out of the trip than we could have imagined. Kanani House was spectacular to start and of you know that Elvis took great care of us. You were so right to suggest Kanani, especially after the hectic but fun-filled times at Rising Sun. It was a perfect place for us to reflect on our days and to spend time together as a family. I can't remember seeing Henry so relaxed. Anna was a gracious, yet so efficient, host for us at the orphanage. We felt so welcomed by everyone there, and children opened up their hearts to us.

The second leg of our trip was as rewarding. Julius, our guide, was amazing! His knowledge, openness, honesty, experience, and positive attitude made our safari experience perfect. He connected with both children immediately, and never once seemed like he wasn't having as much fun as we were!

The staff at JK were great too; always ready to help with anything. Finally, a huge thanks to you, for putting all this together. We can honestly say that the two weeks went by without any issues. That is unheard of in our experience! We not only relaxed, but we had invaluable experience at Rising Sun. Charles and Grace learned more in one week than years of schooling could ever do. Thank you for realizing our need for both, and for making it all "gel". We are seriously considering a repeat of the trip next year.

K. J., Belgium, December 2008

Just a brief note to say thank you for organising such a wonderful holiday for us. We all really enjoyed our time in Kenya and have great memories of a fantastic holiday.

We were also very impressed with the friendliness and knowledge of both James and Anthony while on Safari. We have many photographs (which now require some radical editing), video clips, and a four and a half foot Giraffe which flew back to London with us, to remind us of this holiday. Time for us to now start planning our next holiday!
Thanks again,

C, L, J & M, London, September 2008

Melinda: You helped our party of four to plan a very memorable trip to Kenya in September.  We had such a great trip, witnessing animal behavior and seeing animals we had not seen in previous trips.  Several of us wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your's and Isaac's (our guide) efforts.  Below are our messages:  

Dear Melinda,

I would like to tell you how pleased I was with my safari in Kenya.  This was my first time ever doing something to this extent.  I was fortunate in that my friend, Betty, had been on safari before and helped me with any questions I had prior to the trip.  I was still anxious for the trip to unfold. 

The trip met my expectations and more.  Seeing all the wildlife and the countryside was amazing.  I would like to tell you how "great" Isaac was to our group of 4.  He was very gracious in asking us what we wanted to see and do.  He answered all our suggestions.  From a sunrise photo opportunity to a sunset  opportunity, he made sure we were able to get our photographs.

 One could sense the passion he  brings to his guide position.  He was fantastic in knowing that we really wanted to do photography and he would position the Land Cruiser in the correct manner to have the proper lighting on our subject if it was at all possible to do.  He gave us the opportunity to be in the parks from sunrise until closing, which is what we wanted to do.  We wanted to observe the animals and birds for the day.  Not just for 2 or 3 hours per day. 

His knowledge of the mammals and birds was amazing. We would ask him question after question and he knew the answer or would find out the answer and tell us the next day.  One can truly see that he loves the safari drives and the wildlife.  I have been with guides in other instances but no one showed the passion that Isaac showed.  He is a superb guide and a wonderful teacher.

Kudos to Isaac!!

MK, September 2007

Dear Melinda,

I just wanted to let you know what an absolutely fantastic guide Isaac proved himself to be!  Not only was he especially passionate about his work, which was demonstrated by his love of all wildlife (including plants), but he was also so secure in his profession that he happily engaged in arguments with us regarding the identification of the more unusual specimens - usually the birdlife.

He was spectacularly 'lucky' in his choice of areas to investigate - and I put lucky within quotes for a reason.  I really don't believe that 'luck' had much to do with it...Isaac seemed to have an intuition as to where to find various animals - due to, I believe, a deep understanding and appreciation of the habits and lives of the various animals living in Kenya.  His interest was throughout the animal and plant kingdom, and not at all focused on any one particular species.  We saw unusual animals and plants because he knew what he was looking at and for, and was always alert to any new living thing to show us. 

In the beginning of our trip, we had told him that we wanted to spend as much time as possible within the parks, and he did his absolute utmost to make sure that happened. 

All in all, Isaac did everything he could to make our safari the event of our lives, and he truly did an excellent job.  Having been to Kenya once before (with you, in 2004), I never imagined that I could possibly see as much as I did in those two weeks. 

In short, this was truly a safari of a life time, and Isaac was the one who made it all happen.

EW, September 2007


And last from me - In planning our trip we had expressed to you and then again to Isaac how we wanted to maximize our time in the parks with the wildlife.  And Isaac did just that by having us in the parks when they opened and often staying until the parks closed.  Isaac was so successful finding us wildlife to watch. 

I believe our time with the family of cheetahs was the highlight for all of us.  We found them around 8:30 a.m. and stayed with them for three hours.  We watched the mother teaching the three juveniles to hunt.  There was a small herd of topi that included two babies.  Unfortunately for a topi baby the cheetahs were successful.  On the one hand it was sad for the topi baby but it was also a thrill to witness the event, knowing that it would have happened whether we were there or not. 

Isaac also saw a serval cat and later two bat earred foxes which none of us had ever seen before.  We also spent an hour with a pair of mating lions and another morning we saw three adult male lions traveling in the morning light. 

We were all photographing the wildlife.  He would get us in the best vantage point possible making for better photos.  We have awesome images of the cheetah family, the male lions, leopards, giraffes etc. etc.. 

Isaac's flexibility in dealing with unplanned situations quickly, and with our wishes in mind was also greatly appreciated.  There was a mix up in where our first campsite in the Mara was to be.  Instead of being on the west side of the park it was near Base camp (our second site).  We had wanted to spend a couple days on the west side of the park.  Isaac and George discussed the situation and where able to find a campsite for us on the west side of the park and moved our group.  George and his staff went to such extraordinary efforts to give us that time on the west side.  I have already told friends of our trip and let them know that if they ever want to go to Kenya to use your services.  And I will continue to recommend Eco Resorts.  Hopefully, some day I will be able to come back. 

Thank you so much for planning another memorable trip to Kenya.  Please pass on to JK Safaris how much we appreciate Isaac, John, George, chef John (who cooked such great meals for us) and all their staff in making this trip so great for all of us.   Good luck in the future to Eco Resorts, JK Safaris and to Kenya. 

BH, September 2007

Just a short note to say a big Thank you from all of us. Everthing was organised to the tee. Your Christopher was great. Thank you - will certainly recommend you to all my friends who want to do the Mara. Regards RAJEN AND ANITHA,
Rajen and Anitha, September 2007

I have been meaning to let you know what a magnificent time KC and I had on our safari in Kenya. The arrangements exceeded our expectations. Every aspect of the trip was fantastic and accentuated by Isaac. His knowledge ranged from tribal culture to weaver birds. He truly made a great trip an unbelievable experience. I have highly recommended your company and Isaac to friends and family and will continue to do so. He is truly an asset to your company. Thanks again,
Gordon and KC, October 2006

What an extraordinary experience!!! And how lucky we were once I decided to book our Horse Riding Safari with Melinda Rees through www.eco-resorts.com & www.bestofkenya.com. The first very nice surprise was with the Hotel we were booked on our arrival to Nairobi, the Macushla House, such a small and so pretty place. Then the lunch at the Trout Restaurant on the way to the Laikipia area. Also a unique place.

And already on the first day, 5 minutes after leaving the ranch, already a beautiful giraffe. This was obviously just an introduction to the wild life, as we during the 7 days horse riding safari through the El Karama Ranch we saw so many more, as well as all the other animals, including a male elephant we had to escape from, as I guess he felt that we were not welcomed in what he considered to be his territory. Wooauuu!!! what an experience escaping from him at full gallop.

Fortunatly, the story ended happily, with only me losing my hat, though was recovered the day after. My wife Paula & Jane (also part of the group) were lucky enough to see a lioness early in the moorning when they were taken on a jeep tour by Laria´s (our guide) husband, James professional photographer actually making an article on a lioness and her cubs. Laria and her staff were all so friendly, life in the camp so real and far away from the world we are today living, the wild life and extraordinary landscape, well all those things made it all a great and unforgettable experience to the four of us.

Summing up, a big thanks to Melinda for the organisation of such an experience for us, Laria and her staff for the whole Safari including the logistics involved, not a minor task for a 7 days Horse riding Safari, the horses, all so friendly but galloping when requested (the Elephant!!!), the camels so calm but friendly, all the wild life!!!, and last but not least M. Grant (Laria´s father) and the rest of their family. I hope we can repeat & anyway meet in the future either in Kenya or in Spain the good friends we made during this trip. With my best regards.
Ramón Brugada, Barcelona, Spain, January 2006

I am writing to say many, many thanks for arranging an absolutely marvellous
honeymoon for Raj and me.

It was such a pleasure to deal with you when making the arrangements.  We
found you knowledgeable, flexible and, most importantly, very patient!

Once we arrived in Kenya, we were fantastically looked after by Jonas and
the team.  Our driver George was fantastic and our vehicle was very
impressive - we seemed to attract many envious looks from those in white
minivans!  The camps we stayed in were spectacular and we saw the most
wonderful wildlife - more than we could have imagined.  We'd like to give an
especial thanks for the upgrade to Il Moran in the Mara, which was a huge
and unexpected treat!

All in all we loved every minute of our trip and felt incredibly pampered
throughout.  So thank you again for making our honeymoon so memorable and
special for us.
Nimali and Raj, United Kingdom, August 2005
We love feedback on our eco-safari adventures!

My 4th safari was the BEST YET! How could I see 7 Lions eating Zebra across the Ruaha River in front of my Banda! Walking in Ruaha Park with an Armed Park Ranger. I don't mean a short walk. I am talking about 15 miles! Having my own truck in Mikumi Park! Having even baby Elephants Mock Charging us! Walking Sticks, Armored Crickets! Of all things! Having a Bull Elephant walk almost to my Banda on the Ruaha River! Hippos all over. Do Not walk back to your banda alone! A special treat. Walking with two KWS ARMED RANGERS  to the MAN-EATERS LION CAVES of TSAVO WEST! Just me! Being able to visit with my adopted baby Elephant at TSAVO EAST.

Having the honor to witness 10's of thousands of Wilderbeasts & Zebras race across the Maasai- Mara! See Cheetah, Huge Lion Brothers & 2 Leopards! Not to mention having the luck to run into the BIG CAT DIARY people filming these Big Cats! No, I could have never done any of this or seen hardly any of this with out eco-resorts. A long and trying way to get to Mikumi & Ruaha Parks. Then trying to get to Tsavo East Park. No easy feat. But we did it!  Already planning next years safari!
Thanks, Melinda
David, Rhode Island, USA, October 2004

Ienya was a fantastic destination for our honeymoon. We loved the amazing variety of wildlife and scenery we saw and the friendly Kenyan people we met. Our tour guide, Duncan, was exceptionally helpful and courteous, driving us safely from place to place and while on safari (including a night safari in his truck), and gladly answering our never-ending questions about the local life, the animals and birds!

Our wide variety of accommodation was wonderful too - from fireside camping after a camel trek into the forest, to luxury camping in the Masai Mara (large tent complete with hot running water and a loo!!) to a beautiful self-contained cottage at Lake Nakuru, to seaside indulgence at Watamu. Our trip organiser, Melinda Rees from Eco-Resorts was tremendously helpful too - planning the trip for us, emailing us from abroad, and organising an itinerary with seamless transfers between destinations, amazing scenic contrasts and friendly guides and camp staff. Indeed, we were accounted for at each destination with pick ups, transfers, and drivers to and from hotels/airports, and game parks - one can easily see the attraction of returning time and again to Eco-Resorts to organise a Kenyan holiday - their superb organisation and choice of hospitable surroundings and safari/camp staff was impeccable.

We feel very grateful to have experienced such an insight into this beautiful country and would strongly recommend to future holiday makers a trip booked through Melinda and her team at Eco-Resorts . Thank you so much again.

Kindest regards,
Kate and Ed Trevor-Barnston, October 2004

Dear Melinda,

I cannot find the right words today to tell you what a fabulous trip we had.  There was not one thing that was not perfect.  Francis was an outstanding guide and worked so hard to make us happy.  Johnathan was right there in Nairobi to keep us out of trouble and William in the Maasai Mara  was great fun as were the three Maasai Warriors who took us on a Safari Walk.  On our last day, John saw to it that we had a marvelous time. The opportunities to meet with the different groups of ladies and visit their homes was an experience unsurpassed.  We asked Francis to take us to see the weavers and he took us to a wonderful group in Nyeri, I think,   The group was housed in a Presbyterian Church School.  The leader, Ann, started her project with 6 women and know has 150 that card, weave and dye wool for blankets and rugs.  We also had the chance to talk to some kindergarden children there.  This visit was followed by our picnic with the ladies who are runnin
I can't thank you enough for providing us with the trip of a lifetime.  I made copious notes on our trip so will be sending you a  more in depth look at our trip when I catch my breath and do the laundry.  The one thing that was a disappointment was not getting the chance to meet you.  Therefore, we will have to come back.
Thank you so much
Bev, Sept 2004

You get an A+ for arrangements.  We were certainly well cared for by really nice people.  No glitches at all.  A special thanks to Frances who did a supurb job. 
R. Olsen, Sept 2004

The best nature trip we've ever had, and that's saying a lot for a 71 year old biologist.  Decided early on to spend the entire two weeks at the Mara and was not disappointed.  Fresh discoveries and new insights every day.  This would not have been possible without Saitoti, a superb Masai naturalist, who was born and raised in the area.  Most every day, all day, we spent exploring the Mara ecosystem to get as complete a picture as possible of its workings.  It was two weeks of outdoor immersion in a world of new sights, sounds, and odors coupled with continual conversation.  We can't say enough about Saitoti's efforts to fulfill our interests.

 Also we greatly appreciated Ngere, our camp cook and steward, who produced fine cakes, quiches, and pizzas under primitive conditions.  His African food night was excellent.  He was meticulous in providing tasty, saltless, vegetarian food for me.  He worked tirelessly on our behalf, keeping us well fed, dry, warm, and clean.  I think that this versatile and innovative cook has much to offer.

Thank you and Jonas for setting up an unforgettable safari.
Jack Harper, USA, September 2004

I wanted to thank you for sending such experienced staff with me on my adventure.

Lukas kept me so safe from any tummy bugs and was so solicitous.

Kashu was great at spotting the game with eyes like hawks. He must be one of the best drivers I have ever had the pleasure to travel with, both on the dangerous roads where I never felt nervous, and while in 4 wheel drive (I am very experienced at off-road driving and I considered him equal to instructor level!).

Charles is a real character…so charming and such fun. It was very interesting seeing the girl's secondary school and the dispensary. I will try to see what I can do to make the life of the wonderful staff at both places a little easier.

The whole weeklong trip really opened my eyes. I feel I had a realistic view of some of the people of East Africa. It was tiring, but I was so well looked after, that I sometimes felt like Lady Delamere!
Katharine Kinney, UK, September 2003

The safari was better than I could have imagined! The 'tent' is more like a suite under canvas, the food was outstanding, and then we saw the migration. Thousands of animals crossed the river and there was both a lion kill and a crocodile kill during parts of the migration.

We were a few feet from cheetahs, a few dozen feet from a pride of lions, saw the Masai village there and saw elephants, giraffe, ostrich, warthog, wildebeast, zebra, buffalo and loads of beautiful birds. It was just great!

I had a great time and am very thankful for all your assistance and attention. I would definitely do it again!
Barb Heller, USA, September 2003

I'd just like to thank you for organising such an excellent safari. We had a great time and everything worked out smoothly. The guide was wonderful!
Peter Mumby, England, March 2003

We were very pleased with all of our arrangements; everything went like clock work.

It was wise for you to get a US office, as it is nice to be able to talk to someone when you have a question or desire a change in itinerary.

We certainly enjoyed Africa and all of the arrangements that you made; we look forward to someday returning. Thanks for all of your good efforts!
Dick Montgomery, USA, March 2003

It was one exciting adventure after another, from seeing the wildebeest migration in
the Serengeti, eating delicious Tanzanian food in our private tented camp, hiking in the majestic, peaceful hills of the Ngorongoro Crater, canoeing with the flamingos and hippos in Manyara, walking through Mto wa Mbu village visiting with a kindergarten class, a local brew making shop, and a simple family spanning three generations, to Mnemba Island where we will felt like we were on paradise. Everything ran extremely smoothly from our pick up and our wonderful guide, to the airplane flights (we loved landing in the Serengeti with giraffes and zebras watching over the grass runway!).

Also, we were quite impressed with the eco-conscience of the trip, the Serena Hotels, and especially of Mnemba. At Mnemba we were even fortunate enough to see two green sea turtles lay their eggs!

We just wanted to thank you for all of your work as we had an trip that will continue to unveil itself through stories, pictures and our wonderful memories.
Maggie Montgomery, USA, March 2003

I  met many local people on the trip and found them friendly and open.

It is important to travel with tour groups that put a large importance on the ecology and
promote respect and help for those in need. Places are just that…places, but people are the real factor of the land.

It tugged at my heart to look into the eyes of a young mother with AIDs holding her 7-month old son. What a horrible illness and the way it alters the lives of everyone it touches. What will happen to these beautiful children when their mothers are taken? They must have a chance. I am looking for a way I can help that will continue; others must get involved. I must thank Eco-resorts for addressing these issues and bringing them to my attention. Thank you Anne and Melinda, with all my heart.
Jim Foster, USA, February 2003

I'm sure that I could not have had a better introduction to Africa. Though I've traveled more than many people, the prospect seemed daunting and scary -- and I think it still would be, were I attempting to travel there on my own. But I felt safe and comfortable under your guidance.
Terese Loeb Kreuzer, USA, February 2003

I  can't thank you enough for creating the itinerary that you did. Everyone I told about our trip said it would be a "dream come true". I had no idea how accurate that would be!

I have wanted to go to Africa since I knew what it was. I always felt that by the time I went (if ever) the true "wild Africa" would be gone and I would have to settle for traveling with a large group of strangers in buses. The really exciting stuff, traveling to real villages not tourist stops, was for the people who worked for National Geographic and the like.

Our trip was absolutely incredible! We did not get just another tour package; we got an adventure! I enjoyed every minute of our trip, even the mud and rain!

I feel that we really got to see Kenya. You managed to cover every single aspect of Africa that I have ever dreamed or wondered about. The combination of camping and lodges was perfect.

The people in Maji Moto are simply wonderful! I miss them all and feel very fortunate and honored to have met them and really spent some time with them.

I always felt safe and secure. James would always know where there was just one more jewel of a place, forest, lake view or waterfall to see. We kept thinking it just couldn't get any better, and it would!

The car was great! Dream Camp was amazing.

It was the people that we met who really made the place special. There is just nothing more cool than knowing you are safely watched over by the Masai. What an incredible culture!

I absolutely could not be happier with our trip!
Heather Walsh, USA, November 2002

What an incredible journey we had! Truly memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you so much for setting up the perfect trip for us. I had no idea what Africa would do for me. Now I know. How different I feel!

I am so very grateful for all that you've done for us. And now I know I will have to come back. I feel very blessed that I had the opportunity to experience Africa off the beaten path. The animals were wonderful and the people were even better.
Patty Leyva, USA, November 2002

I  must say that this is the first time that I've returned from a trip and been so sad to have it end. You asked what could be improved--my immediate response is nothing. This was truly the most amazing trip that I've ever taken and I'm still trying to figure out how to communicate what was so incredible about the whole thing. I'm impressed with what you put together and am grateful that you let me have the opportunity to experience it all.
Lisa Armstrong, New York, October 2002, Woman to Woman Safari

How do I begin to tell you how the journey has affected me? I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to participate in such an incredible experience.

The trip was, without a doubt, one of the highlights of my life. I know deep down that we’ll meet again because I will be back!

Your knowledge of the people, culture, customs, environment, animals, economy, politics, history (the list goes on) blew me away and were a valuable asset to all of us on the trip.

The other guides we had also had tremendous knowledge about specific areas. They were added bonuses and allowed us to experience Kenya on a much more meaningful and intimate level.

The accommodations were unique, varied, some exceptionally beautiful, but all memorable. I appreciated that we got an idea of all the different types of lodging and camping that Kenya has to offer instead of just staying at the same type of place everywhere we went.

I personally loved sharing meals with the different women's groups we met with. They are meals I will never ever forget. It added an authenticity to the experience and gave us a rare glimpse into the way these wonderful people actually live. I appreciated that they never came to us at a lodge or hotel, but that we came to them and saw, first hand, how they really lived. The entire trip had a very personal touch to it. We were these people's invited guests and that made each encounter all the more profound.

I really appreciated meeting the range of women's groups that we met: from very traditional to modern. It presented us with a more complete picture of what women in Kenya are trying to achieve for themselves and their children. Your trip presented a well-rounded experience.

I loved that our group was only 5 people. It made the experience that much more intimate and richer for all of us. We got a taste of what other tour companies would be like to travel with in Samburu, and I can tell you I would never, in a million years, travel with them.

I also totally appreciated all of the information you gave us on Eco-tourism. I was not that familiar with it before I came to Africa, but came home with a deep appreciation and understanding of it. I felt very confident in our safety the entire time because of you and Francis.
Heather Buchan, Canada, October 2002, Woman to Woman Safari

I  will say this over and over to you . . . THANK YOU so much! What an awesome adventure we had!
Vanessa and Todd Rogier, USA, November 2002

We enjoyed our trip to Kenya tremendously. Thank you for your excellent work in putting together a seamless experience for us.
Gordon Wheat, USA, August 2002

I  was a little nervous about booking a safari over the internet, but you've been so helpful and good about answering my questions! It's been completely painless!
J. Macri, USA, October 2002

It was a great trip! The climbing of Kilimanjaro was a lot tougher than I thought. Nevertheless I did it!
Alain Giguere, Dubai, September 2002

Our trip was amazing! It exceeded our expectations! We both said it was our favorite trip so far; we already know we will be back. The people were wonderful!

We loved Base Camp. The Maasai people were amazing; we really spent time getting to know them. Bush Camp was probably my favorite night. It was so special that we hated to leave!

Governor’s was great too. We enjoyed the bathroom!! It was nice to end with a little splurge.

Our trip was perfect. I can't think of one thing I would have changed. We really wanted more adventure and culture, so I think Base Camp (and Bush Camp) is perfect for that.
Lynda and Jeff Rose, USA, September 2002

The trip was so wonderful, really beyond anything we expected or dreamed of! We said to each other several times during the trip how happy we were with everything you'd arranged. You really interpreted well what we were telling you, using your knowledge of the area to set up an itinerary that was perfect for us. We insisted on the Mara and Ngorongoro, but you knew from our interests that we would really enjoy Patrick's camp and style of safari, so you gave us the best of both! We are so pleased and can't thank you enough. We were taken care of from start to finish, and it was an unbelievable experience.

I'd be happy to serve as a reference and can say plenty of nice things about our impressions. We already have talked about sending our own friends to you.

Thanks again for everything, and we can't wait to plan our return someday!
Oktay and Jesse Dogramaci, USA, August 2002

The trip was everything we imagined and more. Your being with us definitely made such a difference.
Jo Ann Blumberg, USA, August 2002

Thanks again for an incredible experience I will never forget. Your company on the trip was fabulous; it would not have been the same without your knowledge and expertise.
David Blumberg, USA, August 2002

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for organising a fabulous safari, once again! We really enjoyed it - the Aberdares were beautiful as was Lake Nakuru. Everything went extremely well and our driver was wonderful!

We had a great time at the coast too and really enjoyed our night out and trip to the Old Man and the Sea restaurant. Dave and Karen Febry, UK, August 2002

I wanted to say thanks for your help in planning our safari in the Masai Mara. It was truly
fantastic and the three of us had a great time. Dream Camp was great, as was our hostess, Tina. We saw everything on the safari and visited a Masai village.

I hope to use your services again in the future.
Randy Mayfield, USA, August 2002

I hope you didn't think we had forgotten you. How could we? It's hard to think of anything else but our trip. We got our pictures back a couple nights ago and it was fun to relive the memories!

I want to thank you again for not only being an extraordinary guide but also for being such a wonderful friend. I hope we don't have to wait until our trip to Uganda to see you again!

If you ever need a reference for booking a safari, don't hesitate to ask. I would be happy to tell people how wonderful our experience was!
Celina Cabello, USA, August 2002

Thank you, thank you, thank you----for everything! For arranging our amazing trip to your home and for being as knowledgeable, personable and wonderful as you are. Our trip would have certainly been lacking without you!

I'm very, very excited to see what beautiful images of Africa have passed through and been captured by my lens in the last month!
Alison Banks, USA, August 2002

Thanks for all of your work in arranging the trip. I had a fantastic time-an excellent job in all respects. In particular my guide Laurence was very diligent and pleasant to travel with.

I would definitely recommend Uganda as a destination and you as an agent! I hope to visit Africa again in 2 or 3 years; I'll be in touch!
Scott Anderson, USA, June 2002

Iudos to you! I couldn't help but read the mission statement for Eco-resorts, "Changing the world, one journey at a time".

How true that statement has become for me and my student anthropology and development team. Our experiences gained on the coast of Watamu, Kenya with the Sanye and Giriama people will remain with us a lifetime. We were able to get outside of our western world of plenty and see what it is like to struggle for daily bread. We were able to observe and participate in the rich family and social structure of the coastal people. We feel that Watamu and the people there are our second home and family. We are all looking forward to returning on a yearly basis. This experience has changed each of our lives. Thanks to you and your incredible staff for a journey of a lifetime.
Amy Potts, USA, June 2002

What a wonderful surprise to find your package in our mailbox yesterday. The frame is beautiful; we've just received our photos back so we've already selected the perfect shot and together they create a wonderful memory of Kenya. Thank you so much; this is the icing on the cake of the perfect service you've already given us!
Peter and Helen Schrietinger, Switzerland, June 2002

Eco-resorts is a very, very fine company. You do what you say! You gave me many helpful hints about road travel, food, where to go in Kenya and other things.

I wanted to go to Masai Mara and stay on the Masai’s land in a tent, so you organized it and provided Masai warriors to sleep outside my tent for protection. But there was no danger and the experience was great!

I also wanted to go alone into the Mara so I could move around at my own pace. This is a wonderful game reserve and the driver safely drove me through the park. I could look at the lions, elephants, leopards, and so on as long as I wanted. I could ask as many questions or just be in silence. I met more people because I was alone. I never, never felt in any danger and the African people welcome you like you are a prize! Everything was in English until I got into the actual Mara, but your driver and cook helped me with anything I needed. Most of the women in the Mara cannot speak English, but there was always someone there to help me.

When I went on safari in Tanzania, it was fancier with lovely people. I was with a group and sharing the safari with others, hearing their comments and laughter, and moving around as the whole group wanted to. I was glad I did both and had a great experience with both kinds of travel.

Melinda, Eco-resorts was the only company that I contacted that listened to what I wanted and arranged everything so that I was safe at all times. Thank you!

I was on a luxury, budget and adventuresome safari and I would do it again just that way. I would never consider traveling to Africa with anyone but Melinda and Eco-resorts.

I loved Africa!! I must say that when I left Africa…it never left me.
Carolyn Hill, USA, April 2002

In the fewest words - our trip to East Africa was "the" trip of a lifetime. Sensory overload in many positive ways. Interesting side - prior to our departure the Kilimanjaro climb was foremost in our minds. Once there, it was only a fragment of the trip/experiences.

Our stay in Tanzania, including our hotel, was wonderful. What an exceptional place to both start and end the trip. The guides and porters were helpful in many ways. And of course, took very good care of us.

As for Loisaba - wonderful place.

Bottom line - we were beyond delighted with the trip you mapped out for us. Individuals at Loisaba were also impressed with the diversity of the trip and kept asking us about you and your operation.

THANK YOU so much... We hope to return to Africa at some point. All I can say at this point is I'm thankful we had the opportunity to meet and experience a fragment of your home. I am also very glad we got to meet you in person. It certainly added to the experience.
Cindy Cartledge, USA, February 2002

Our trip was excellent, and certainly adventurous with a capital 'A'! We really enjoyed our time with the Masai, experiencing their culture, walking with them, and seeing their school.

The safari was truly fantastic; I hadn't expected such 5-star treatment! We looked a right sight on arrival, filthy, having got stuck in the mud enroute, and Karen sporting an eye patch (dust scratched her lens). The news of the strange "Wazungu" arrival spread across the neighbouring camps! Gail Kirby, London, November 2001

Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort organising the trip for us. It was absolutely fantastic! James certainly made the trip for us, for which we are extremely grateful and fortunate to have spent time in his company. Between yourself and James, it is certainly the best trip Robin and I have been on.

We will hopefully be lucky enough to return one day!
Samantha Stephenson and Robin McGilligan, London, August 2001

Really wanted to thank you for organising such a fantastic holiday for us we really loved it and when we return from HK will definitely be coming back to Kenya. Jill & Justin Ansell, September 2001

Thank you very much for your message that was waiting for me when I got home. Since then we have been busy getting boy #1 packed off to join the Raleigh International team in Ghana (a 27 hour turn round!); and boys #2 and #3 back to their universities. It is now Sunday evening and a first chance to reflect.

It was a truly memorable holiday that I shall treasure forever; one can sometimes fail to appreciate the good companionship of one's own children, and it takes a climb over a scree slope at 2 am in the freezing cold to really value their qualities.

The arrangements worked extremely well. Liberty Africa saw us through Nairobi every time we passed through and James, the driver, was a really nice guy who worked tremendously hard to make sure that we saw all the game. We tried hard to get him to join us for a beer on a couple of ocassions but he politely declined - is there a taboo against driver/client socialising, or was he just teetotal?

The lodges were lovely, especially at Amboselli and Masai Mara. The one that we enjoyed least (not really a complaint, but for future reference) was the Country Club at Navaisha. Everywhere else we went the people were very keen to help and worked with us to overcome any language/communication difficulties; the folks at the Country Club were quite haughty by comparison and there were a few misunderstandings as a result. That was our only blip, I would say.

My sons would like to record that I did not come clean with them as to how rugged the later stages of the Kilimanjaro climb would be. Because I did not know myself! But they have also said that sitting in the garden at the hotel afterwards and sharing a beer or two with the guides and porters was a real high point of the holiday; we gained a very deep respect for the lead guide and his two assistants - special people.

So, in summary, it was great. Marred only by the news from New York that was leaking through on the day we set off up the mountain. One of my clients in London is Cantor Fitzgerald, the broking firm that lost very nearly the whole of its New York operation. So I will be returning tomorrow morning to a fairly sombre office - doubtless thinking that those freezing cold scree slopes constitute a saner world than the City of London - under the flight path to Heathrow! But if any of my colleagues ask for a recommendation for a fabulous holiday in Africa, be assured I will pass them your e mail address. Many thanks
Chris Ryan September 2001

About the website: p.s. can't get over it - any search I do -you're name comes up. YOU ARE THE KENYA GURU! Charlie Mitchell October 2001

Sorry it has taken me so long to write about our trip. The more we talk about it the more we realise we enjoyed it. The mix of luxury and adventure camping was just right. the girls kept on saying "this is the best day of my life".

The best bit of the trip was Lewa Downs, which was fabulous, however all of it was amazing. Would you like some photo's from the trip? I haven't sorted them yet but if there are some good digital ones would they be useful?

Many thanks again, we are often asked who organised our tour and we obviously recommend you. Please give Charlie, one of the guides at the Mara our best wishes also to James, who was super to the girls.. Tom K. August 2001

We want thank you for setting up the safari! And having the faith that we would be there.  We had a great time with Nacir; he was very patient and knowledgeable.  We enjoyed the variation in the two areas and the chance just to get into the safari country was a delight.  The animals are always special, but so much else was also.  Thanks again for your help. We will send others your way!!!!
Bob and Margaret Basta February 2001

I  just wanted to send thank you e-mail for putting together such an amazing itinerary for us for Africa!  Paul and I both had such a great time, like no other vacation we have been on before and agreed we would return in a minute!  We are so pleased we were able to spend as much time as we did in the Serengeti and our driver/escort was a precision spotter, pointing out animals and situations that many other drivers passed up.  We seemed to be the first ones "on the scene" with other vehicles following our lead.  He was quite knowledgeable in all areas of nature as well.  We impressed ourselves with our ability to "camp".  I don't know if we mentioned to you before but we are not big campers and yet knew it was something we had to experience in Africa.  It was so worth it!  

Looking at the itinerary without having ever been before, we weren't sure why we would only be at the Crater for a day and a half but now we understand why.  It was excellent to see and spend just that amount of time there.  We trusted your judgment and you were completely on track!  That happens to be where we saw all the copulation, believe it or not!  The Serena lodge is beautiful and we were ready to be in the comforts of a permanent structure by that time after camping for so many days.  We met some fun people there during our stay and hope to swap pictures of our different experiences...they climbed Kili a week before we met them.  

As for Lewa Downs, we loved it!  That entire experience was unbelievable!  The people were great, the cottages were perfect for the setting, the food was very good and the family environment they created there was perfectly in order for what we were ready for.  Again, although we were there for just a short time, we made some friends and felt we made the most of our experience by packing the 2 days full of activities...you would be amazed.  We didn't want to sleep at night for fear we would miss something!  We were able to meet David Craig, as we drove with him from the airstrip through our morning game drive.  He was dropping off a friend who was on his way out and asked us if he "might catch a ride with us, if we didn't mind"...he was so humble and gracious.  We felt fortunate to visit with him, as that was the only time he was around our entire visit.   

And just when we thought we had seen and experienced everything we possible could have hoped for, we arrived at Ngong House!  We really thought we would be disappointed, being the end of our trip and having such a perfect experience at Lewa Downs.  It was an excellent way to end our trip...complete paradise!  We spent quite a lot of time with Paul and his girlfriend Penny.  Of course, we realize that either Paul or Christof hosts their guests and that they are quite hands on, being available for meals, etc. but we really felt Paul went above and beyond.  We had probably the best food we have ever had on any of our travels and had such a great time getting to know Paul and Penny personally.  

As we told Anne on the phone, we are thrilled to serve as a reference for you and Eco-Resorts.  We would hope you would include our names on your reference list.  There is so much more that wasn't even mentioned (namely Paul's contact lens getting to the Serengeti) that we are grateful for yours and Anne's efforts and personal attention. 
Paul and Amy Bryant March 2001

I   belated thanks for all your help in making our Kenyan holiday a great success.  We had a wonderful time and appreciated your good care, right up through the final evening in Nairobi, which was most enjoyable. 
David Burnett January 2001

My Mom and I had a wonderful time on safari- you could not have done a better job in arranging the trip.  It was really perfect.
Amanda Fugazy December 2000

Many's the time I have arrived in a foreign country only to find that what I thought I'd purchased was not available, and I had to make do with inferior substituted hotels, transportation, or itinerary, and had no where to turn. In contrast, I think it is safe to say that you and your team exceeded all our expectations, which I think is unprecedented in our travel experiences.

Normally, I have found that expectations are artificially inflated by sales hype, and over-statements of what the client can expect. This inevitably leads to disappointment. In your case, you provided us with vary factual information, advice, and schedules, and then followed through by actually having competent people there, on time, on schedule, and without any unpleasant surprises, or last minute substitutions. You delivered an excellent package, within the budget that we set.

One of my main concerns was that our safari not be too "touristy". Even though you had promised that we would have our own vehicle, cook, and driver, I was fully expecting that we would be tossed in with a large group at the last minute. To my great relief you delivered on your promise, and provided the small personalized tour that we were looking for. Our goal was to have a true camping experience in the great outdoors of Kenya, and that is what we got complete with lions, elephant, water buffalo stalking our camp sites, and serenading us with their calls during the night.

Both our cook Simon, and our driver Selemahi were competent, knowledgeable, and, perhaps best of all, good company. Simon prepared excellent meals, and was constantly adjusting the menu to emphasize foods that we preferred. This was a particular challenge with our daughter Jaimie, who is a notoriously picky eater, but Simon accepted the challenge in high spirits, and succeeded beyond our expectations. Selemahi did an equally commendable job of transporting us from place to place, while calling our attention out various points of interest, and locating the best spots for finding and viewing animals. He obviously knows Kenya's parks like the back of his hand.

Around the campfire, they both had very entertaining stories to tell, and we shared many interesting discussions contrasting American, and Kenyan society, and politics. I always felt comfortable with these people, and I know they did their best to please us, and make our trip as comfortable and carefree as possible.

We also felt it was quite novel to actually meet face-to-face the person who had arranged all this over the internet, and were delighted at the personal attention that you afforded us during the beach portion of our trip in Watamu. Again, this was a first for me to have a tour operator make room in their busy personal and business schedule to spend some time with us, and we were very pleased with this unexpected and personal touch that you managed to blend into our brief stay. You are a very gracious hostess.

In summary, I don't think I would have changed a thing, and I would definitely recommend your services to anyone planning a trip to Africa, regardless of the style or format of the itinerary desired. It is clear, having met you and talked with you, that you know your business, your country, and you have a well developed business network.
Charlie, Cathy and Jaime King March 2001

I  was very impressed with the professionalism and the expertise of Eco-resorts.  I sat back and relaxed as Eco-resorts coordinated both of my trips to the very last detail but updating me regularly to make sure that they were creating my vacation along with my interests.  A most heartfelt thank you to Eco-resorts for making my dreams of Africa come true.
Alicia H., April 2000

Just a brief note to say thank you very much for the arrangements you made for our recent holiday.  We have come back with so many wonderful memories it is proving very difficult to get back into work. Without doubt the highlight was the visit to Rekero, which was out of this world, and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.
Dave Febry, UK, August 2000

We had a marvelous time.  Our guide, Peter, was great.  He knew all the animals and birds, stopped for bathroom breaks at safe locations, was a pleasure to spend six days with.  

I think we all agreed that while Lake Naivasha was nice, we all enjoyed the actual game parks better.  But, the food at Amboseli and Lake Naivasha was the BEST, (as was Rekero's).  

Maasai Mara was incredible.  Mara Simba was very nice -- actually a bit formal for my family.  I wonder if most Americans feel this way?  Service was impeccable.  

The jewel of the trip was Rekero.  We could have easily spent a few more days there.  We really appreciated the partnership they had formed with the local Maasai and the nature walks were phenomenal.  We visited one of the partner villages and genuinely felt welcome.  I can't say enough about that part of the trip.  The hosts, guides, etc. very knowledgeable and encouraging.   

I know that everyone in my family would do this trip again, and if anyone asks about our trip, I will definitely recommend visiting and going through Eco-resorts. 
Karin McGowan December 2000

Couldn't be happier with the trip! It was an amazing journey and met most of our expectations. Hats off to your Safari guide, Peter, who knew his animals down to the gestation period and the life expectancies! We understand this is a bit unusual for the guides operating out of Nairobi, so we thank you!

I think I speak for the group in saying the surprise and "jewel" of the trip was Rekero! If we had to do it over again, we should have concentrated on this gem of a place! Incredibly hospital host and a very pleasant staff.
Bill McGowan December 2000

I wanted to give you a quick note to let you know how much we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Kenya, and how pleased we were with the whole adventure!  If we had to rank the Lodges in order of favorite to least favorite, we would put Rekero first, Mara Simba second, Amboseli Serena next, and Lake Naivasha Country Club last...but to say last isn't really fair, because we enjoyed each place tremendously, and the first two listed were both favorites, for different reasons.  You did a great job helping with our special "wants" and interests.  I think the whole family had a terrific time. 
Kimberley McGowan December 2000

First of all we wish to thank you for a wonderful safari in Kenya. Everything went all right. We got the messages and the book in the Fairview Hotel and the driver of Bush Homes met us on the announced date and hour. The four places we visited were very different so that we got varied and colourful impressions of people, nature and wildlife. All our hosts were excellent.

It was a good idea to have four days in the Masai Mara, in Rekero. We spent a whole day driving to the Mara River and back to see the crossings and a wildebeest kill by a lion. We also saw much other game including a leopard killing a dik-dik.  Kitich Camp was a wonderful experience of being deep in the bush and very close to nature in combination with Italian refinement demonstrating itself in excellent cooking and a beautiful laid table in a dining room on a floor of white sand. Very exciting walks in the bush looking for wild elephants. We were the only guests and got along very well with Giulio and Andriola, maybe ending in visits to Amsterdam and Tuscany. 

Ol Malo: magnificent house, view, bath and very entertaining walks with bush breakfast guided by Colin Francombe.  In between, nice flights done by humorous cowboy-like pilots. 

Mundui Estate is a fantastic complex with a radiant view of the lake and an excellent place for a rest. The Coles told us quite a lot about their environment efforts to save Lake Naivasha. 
Katrien Penders, October 2000

Just wanted to let you know that the trip was wonderful... the driver was extremely nice and helpful in Nairobi, the trip to Intrepids was great... we even found the bashful black rhino.  Thanks for taking care of all the details.
Roseann Casey September 2000

I enjoyed my trip so much, and have already had fun sharing so many of my experiences. Thanks so much for your help, and for meeting me at the airport - both in Nairobi and in Malindi.  I feel like I have so many new friends in Kenya, but you seem like an old friend!
Susan Sterchi September 2000

We just got back home from Kenya yesterday, and would like to thank you again for arranging the trip. It was wonderful and a very good experience.
Tersina Shieh August 2000

I want to share with you our sincere appreciation for all the effort that went in to making our safari so successful. We had a magnificent time and we really appreciate all of the work that you did to make our trip a magical success. If it is useful to you, I would like to share some thoughts about the various places that we stayed

1) Samburu - Despite the dry Uaso Nyiro river, the location is still very attractive with some of the best views in Kenya. The game in Samburu was even more plentiful, and more diverse, than I remember from 20 years ago, with a new species to be seen around almost every corner. All in all, it was very nice and should be a part of every visit to Kenya.

2) --The location is dramatic and beautiful. Luxury tents overlooking a striking lake surrounded by a lush tropical crater. The staff was superior. Night game drives, escorted trips to Crescent Island and Hell's Gate, and guided walks in and around the crater with an outstanding young naturalist, make this a very attractive off-the-usual-tourist-route site.

3) Governors Camp--Masai Mara is still as dramatic as it was 20 years ago, and Governors Camp is an ideal site to see it from. The food was the best of the tourist lodges and the staff was very friendly and supportive. The game was plentiful (not only the migration, but lots of big cats, elephants and others).

4) Macushla House--A very nice way to spend a night in Nairobi. Away from the incredible crowds and traffic of down-town, but within striking distance of all the Nairobi necessities.

5) Loisaba--Absolutely magnificent. The views were almost breath-taking. The staff professional, supportive, friendly and knowledgeable. The accommodations were as beautiful as they were unique. The food was top notch. The range of activities almost endless. And, surprisingly (to me at least) the game was varied and plentiful. Huge herds of elephants and abundant Greater Kudu stand out. All-in-all a place I would recommend fully, and return to frequently (if I could). Unlike anything else I have seen.

6) Mount Elgon--We had a very good, almost great, time on Mount Elgon. The climbing on Elgon is very nice and the caves are absolutely first rate--well worth a trip in and of themselves. The caves, and the surprisingly abundant game, along with the lush afro-alpine flora all make this a great trip to take and a site that would appeal to almost any adventurous traveller.

7) Our driver, Andrew Muli was outstanding. Friendly, knowledgeable and flexible he really helped to set the outstanding tone for the first two weeks. The vehicle we travelled in was fine. Water was provided and travel plans were re-arranged to suit our needs.

8) Charter flights--A very nice way to see Kenya. When possible the pilots flew low enough to permit viewing game animals, dwellings and related items. The flights were quick comfortable and informative.

9) Eco-Resorts-- You arranged a complex safari that lasted almost a month. Things worked smoothly--almost like clock work, with no major glitches. We were met, transported, housed and fed precisely as arranged. While keeping a low profile, you helped to make this a really magical experience. Many thanks!
Randolph W., Maryland July 2000

My heart is full of Africa; everywhere I look, everywhere I turn, I think about the abundance of Africa. The laughter, the drums, the cool, fresh ocean breeze, the swaying cocopalms, the fresh apple mangos....and most of all the incredibly kind and earnest people. For Tina, Wendy, and I, Africa has become another home; where we will always be welcome, where we have learned some life-changing lessons, where, perhaps for the first time, we learned how to truly appreciate what it is to be human.

It was among the Sanye' and their unique culture that we learned to relax, we learned to sit still for a moment and listen to the wind thru the palms, and sit and gossip with women in the shade of a fragrant, white blossomed frangipane tree. It was among the Sanye that we learned to accept things that were beyond our control and take life less seriously, to enjoy life to its fullest.

The Sanye way, in contrast to our own of work, work, work, is one of leisure and 'cheerful work' and always lots of company. Women always work near their sisters in law, their mothers in law, daughters, and female friends, singing and gossiping. Men work in the gardens, fishing, or driving goats, also cheerfully singing and gossiping. The language itself mirrors this simple, leisurely, pleasurable lifestyle. The theme here is "hakuna matata," meaning no worries. And "pole pole," meaning take it easy, slow down and "kidogo kidogo" meaning, little by little. You must never plan more than one or two things a day because you have to leave time to walk there (no cars), to heat things (no electricity, must be done by slow cooking wood fires), to have a break for lunch and a rest (pumzika).

We enjoyed our experience immensely. I wish everyone could experience and learn as much in such a short time. In the words of Al Masudi:

"He who stays at home beside his hearth and is content with the information which he may acquire concerning his own region, cannot be on the same level as one who divides his lifespan between different lands, and spends his days journeying in search of precious and original knowledge." --Al-Mas'udi, The Meadows of Gold 1860
Janet Bennion, Utah, June 2001

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