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Camel Treks with Desert Rose

The Desert Rose camel train

Region: Turkana, Matthews

Activities: Camel trekking

Safaris: Upon Request

Found in the heart of the Samburu community of Ewaso Rongai is the Desert Rose camel train. These 'ships of the desert' allow a group of up to eight people to trek through this vast, arid area for a week or more.

In the desert, your day starts early. At first light a quick cup of coffee or tea starts the day as you set out in the coolest hours of the day. Camels bearing your daypacks, breakfast and water always accompany you, while the rest of the camp is packed and loaded, following behind you.

Stretch your legs in rhythm with the quiet footfall of the camel, listening to the world awaken around you as the sun begins its climb into the vast blue sky.

You might catch a glimpse of a gerenuk or a kudu, taking advantage of the cool, quiet dawn to browse the lugga foliage. Ostrich and oryx are also quite abundant.

Spot the Samburu and Rendille tribes who still migrate with their cows, goats and camels throughout this land, living as traditionally as possible, despite the subtle yet pervasive influences of the outer world.

Stretch your legs in rhythm with the quiet footfall of the camel.

By mid morning it's time to find shade and prepare your breakfast of fruit, cereal, toast, eggs and of course the traditional chai (sweet tea). This break is a good opportunity to let the rest of your camel train catch up, consolidating before the next advance.

A Desert Rose Cottage awaits you after your Camel Safari.

Depending upon the temperatures, your fitness and your choice, activities in the next few hours vary. In the afternoon, as the camels forage, your camp is set up and the sleeping arrangements made. Rest and relax at the campsite, or perhaps walk to a nearby hill to watch the sunset, accompanied by a guide who enlightens you on the different aspects of his culture, sharing his world and perspective on life with you.

Depending on the water available that day, a hot shower is arranged before dinner. Then savor dinner around the campfire as you share safari tales, thoughts and ideas. Sleeping under the star spangled sky, you'll dream of the day's sights and the next day's procession through this stark, stunning beautiful land.

Be warned! It is sometimes difficult to adjust back to your realities after a week's exposure to this timeless pace! If you are still nervous about returning to the "real world" after your trek, why not stay at the Desert Rose Lodge for a day or two after your trek? A wonderful way to adjust to reality!

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